Chunxia Gao

Postdoctoral Fellow


2011–2016          Ph.D. in Chemistry
                             University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2008–2010          M.A. in Molecular Medical Biology
                             University of Orebro, Sweden
2004–2008          B.A. in Pharmacy
                             HarBin Medical University, China


My research interests mainly focus on applying computer-aided drug design approaches in developing inhibitors targeting different disease related proteins, and studying protein flexibility and disease caused mechanism using different computational modelling approaches.


Analysis of Biphenyl-Type Inhibitors Targeting the Eg5 α4/α6 Allosteric Pocket, Chunxia Gao, Noel F. Lowndes and Leif A, ACS Omega, 2017 2, 1836–1849.

Exploration of multiple Sortase A protein conformations in virtual screening, Chunxia Gao, Ivana Uzelac, Johan Gottfries, Leif A. Eriksson, Sci. Rep. 2016, 12, 6, 20413.

Defects in the calcium-binding region drastically affect the cadherin-like domains of RET tyrosine kinase, Chunxia Gao, Morten Grøtli, Leif A. Eriksson, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2016, 12, 8673–8681.

Characterization of interaction and pharmacophore development for DFG-out inhibtors to RET tyrosine kinase, Chunxia Gao, Morten Grøtli, Leif A. Eriksson, J. Mol. Model, 2015, 21, 167.

Rational design and validation of a Tip60 histone acetyltransferase inhibitor, Chunxia Gao, Emer Boruke, Martin Scobie, Melina A Famme, Tobias Koolmeister, Thomas Helleday, Leif A. Eriksson, Noel F. Lowndes, James A. L. Brown, Sci. Rep. 2014, 4, 5372

Impact of mutations on K-Ras-p120GAP interactionChunxia Gao, Leif A. Eriksson, Comput. Mol. Biosci. 2013, 3, 9-17